Customer Service in an Academic Setting

Presentations, half or full day trainings, webinars, consulting for Shared Services initiatives

People in universities and colleges sometimes resist business language – like customer, marketing, etc. But you have customers! Here is an interactive, practical approach to working skillfully with coworkers, faculty, administrators, students, other departments, etc. Participants learn to focus on customers’ needs, build lasting relationships, and practice strategies that solve problems and get things done on campus.

As a participant, you will:

  • Adopt a customer service orientation.
  • Understand how academic institutions have a different structure and culture from corporations.
  • Identify your customers and their perspectives, needs, pressures and requirements.
  • Appreciate how the dynamics between staff and faculty impact customer service.
  • Build relationships, manage expectations and create results with customers across campus.
  • Handle complaints, say NO, deliver bad news, and defuse angry customers and complainers.
  • Defuse conflict and difficult situations

Customer Service in an Academic Setting has been customized for:

  • Research universities, Teaching universities, Technical universities, Public and Private universities, Community Colleges, Higher Education conferences
  • Medical School, Business School, Nursing School, Dental School, Teaching Hospitals, Law School, School of Agriculture
  • Staff in individual academic departments (e.g., Physics, Environmental Science, Psychiatry, Pulmonary Care, Biology, Thoracic Surgery, Viticulture and Enology)
  • Human Resources, Contracts and Grants, Development, Employee Relations, Physics, Controller’s Office, Dean’s Office, Medical Records, Hospital Information Systems, Bursars Office, Research Administration, Library, Housing, Material Management, Facilities.
  • Shared Services staff and managers.
The staff was thrilled to have such a productive and motivating day. Susan created an environment in which employees took some important risks. I myself learned about how I could interact with them more effectively. Since the retreat, we have made great strides. Mary E. Kitchen, Manager, Dept. of Viticulture and Enology, UC Davis
Susan’s efforts with us these past three years have significantly improved our internal communication and promoted a strong understanding by our employees for effective client service communication techniques. Geraldine M. Jessup, Assistant Director, California Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory System